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Summer In Full Bloom

On this tour of the Five Elements, we now find ourselves in the summer season, which corresponds to the fire element. From the time of the Winter Solstice, the yang energy returns and builds up to the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice. Perhaps you have observed this crescendo of the yang energy, and noticed that you have had more energy to be active. Although this rising energy peaks at the solstice, it can be felt for the duration of summer, until the subtle decrease of late summer.

Fire bears the gifts of warmth and light.

By observing fire in nature, we know it is dynamic, and always flicking upwards—it can be manic like a wildfire, welcoming and playful like a crackling campfire, or intimate like a softly burning ember or candlelight. The season represents the gifts of the fire element—literally warmth and light. In energetic terms, the fire element promotes love, play, joy, connection, passion, vulnerability, intimacy, partnership, discernment and compassion. The vibration of fire resonates with the color red, the bitter taste, the sound of laughter, the Heart and Pericardium (more yin), the Small Intestine and Triple Energizer (more yang).<