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Acupuncture is a healing modality in which a licensed practitioner places sterile needle filaments into specific points on the body to release or create movement of the body’s natural energy.  This natural energy is what keeps us moving, growing, learning and healing everyday. When it becomes stagnant, or falls into unnatural patterns due to pathogens, lifestyle or emotions, it can create pain, discomfort, or imbalances in the body systems. Treatments release toxins and regulate the body’s natural energy, blood and body fluids to promote optimal function, boost immunity, and encourage the nervous system to relax.


Following the initial intake interview, including health history and current health concerns, in a typical session, the practitioner will gather updates from the patient about body systems and lifestyle, feel the patient’s pulses, may palpate relevant areas of the body, ask to look at the patient’s tongue, and deliver the needle treatment.


Using pulse and tongue diagnosis, as well as keen observation skills, the practitioner can develop a personalized treatment plan. Based on each acupuncture point’s specific functions and correspondences, the practitioner selects a combination appropriate for the patient’s constitution, condition, signs and symptoms. Although some patients report localized pain upon insertion of the needle, generally the treatments are very relaxing. The first several treatments clear out what may be blocking the movement of the body’s energy, then the treatments focus on strengthening and harmonizing the patient’s body systems.

Initial visit, 85 min. - $135

Follow-up visits: 55 minutes, $100

All acupuncture packages include herbal consultation upon request and as appropriate. See Chinese Herbal Medicine for more information.

*Does not include the cost of herbs.

Tao Blossom offers corporate wellness services. For estimates and other inquiries, please contact

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which includes facial acupuncture, cupping and gua sha techniques to lift, smooth and revitalize the skin. Treatments promote circulation and lymphatic drainage as well as elastin and collagen production to improve complexion and muscle tone. In addition to being a very relaxing experience, these techniques stimulate the body's ability to heal itself and maintain youthful appearance. These cosmetic treatments address dark spots, blemishes, sagging jowls, crow’s feet, scars, acne and more!


Single treatment: 85 minutes*, $150


*Entirely new patients must book one-time 30 minute consultation - free.


Herbal medicine relies on the same diagnostic tools as acupuncture: pulse and tongue diagnosis, along with palpation and interview. Herbs treat a myriad of diseases, and every herb has an energetic nature (e.g. temperature, action, affinity for certain organs, etc).

Patented herbal blends are most commonly prescribed for affordability, accessibility and the ease of swallowing a capsule or tablet. Custom formulas are also available and will be specifically recommended in some cases.

Herbal consultations are also available by phone or video conference to all Texas residents.


25-minute consultation: $55*

*Does not include the cost of herbs.




Customized dietary recommendations are provided based on the patient's constitution and current health issues. The practitioner works by understanding the energetic nature of different foods and preparations, to effect change in the body that can have a tangible result on physical and mental symptoms.


Included as appropriate for all acupuncture patients.

Also available as a stand-alone service.

​25-minute treatment: $55


Cupping therapy involves the placement of glass cups on localized areas of the body. The cups create a suction and serve to move stagnant qi and blood, and pull out toxins from the body. This treatment often leaves marks that can last up to a week or so. The quality of the markings also provides diagnostic information for the practitioner.


Included when appropriate for acupuncture patients.

Also available as a stand-alone service.

25-minute treatment: $55


"Devon always makes me feel heard and taken care of. She really takes her time to consider the whole person and is so thoughtful and intentional in every aspect of the treatment. In the past year that I've been seeing her for acupuncture, I've had treatment goals ranging from women's health, physical pain, and emotional-spiritual needs, and she has been able to help me every time. I am so grateful to have found a practitioner as talented and generous as Devon."

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—  Kelly B.

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