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A Winter Solstice Meditation

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Treat today like the savasana of your entire year.

Slow all the way down. Find a comfortable position. Surrender the weight of your body to gravity's pull. Listen to your steady, effortless breath. Feel for the exact moment you greet the deep dark bottom of stillness. Rest there as long as you need--all day if that is what it takes.

Treat today like the savasana of your entire year.

Then, ever so gently, find the tiniest hint of movement and proceed mindfully. Use the next several days and weeks to gradually build your level of activity back up. Enjoy the feeling of being in harmony with nature's cycles. Your body will thank you.

Without sinking into your glorious depths at the most yin time of year, how can you reach your glorious heights at the most yang time of year? A pendulum pulled back an inch only swings so far. A pendulum pulled back to its extreme displays full range of expression.

If this type of seasonal guidance interests you, I encourage you to read more in depth in my post "Slow Dance with Winter."

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